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Worse Before it gets Better

When you straddle two worlds, it’s a balancing act to walk the fine line between both. A fall will inevitably happen, now and then, as warning of an imbalance in need of adjustment. This is well and good, part and parcel of simply living, as a free spirit on a beautiful planet. Now, what if you’re caught between an old paradigm falling away, and a new paradigm taking hold? What if the paradigm shift that is happening, is happening on a global scale, and on a personal level? Some people are unaware that it’s even happening, and are ‘opting out‘ on default - without any realisation, that they will remain stuck in the old crumbling structures of “back to normal”, if they don’t make that conscious leap. The new foundational structures require faith, because nothing is certain. The past is guaranteed, but the future is not, ergo the necessity of faith. As paradoxical as the human experience is, faith goes hand in hand with risk. Well I’ve been a hope kind of person my whole life, but I’m feeling the faith more.

Wholeness requires left-right brain integration, often facilitated by cross-lateral body movements, despite being led to believe this is a given. The corpus callosum acts as the neurological bridge between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, enabling it to function as one organ. It’s essentially the communication coordinator. Even if there’s not a disconnect like I and other people experience, left brain dominance is shown by logical, goal setting, critical thinkers and right brain dominance is highlighted in emotional, intuitive, artistic types. This may be an oversimplification but it serves to highlight contrast. When we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift, we most likely feel pulled in two opposing directions.

While this is true, we may stand in ‘the eye of the storm’ if we employ clear one-hearted focus, about where we’re heading. If we hold a vision of the new reality we can embody. It seems wholly appropriate to quote Cypher from ‘The Matrix’ film, paraphrasing a quote from ’The Wizard of Oz’: “Buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye.” I started writing today, intending to discuss cognitive bias (specifically confirmation bias), but as usual my muses took a tangent. The title is considered to be part of a confirmation bias, but it can also be a truth, such as in a healing crisis. The evolutionary shortcuts in our brains means we have a tendency to seek validation for what we already believe or want to believe. News content on social media targets this potential flawed logic in our genetic makeup, to effectively manipulate on the unconscious level, for whatever reason or desired outcome. This ’warp effect’ is causative of a social dominance, that can go too far right or far left.

Wisdom is not easily acquired in an era of information overload and fake news. It’s the proverbial ’needle in a haystack’ and to maintain inner balance, while navigating a rather chaotic world in uproar, is a form of self-mastery that we must constantly practice to reach. An aspiration to be more whole, to consider both sides, is actually essential in these times. This isn’t about sitting on the fence, but a call to stand up and ‘walk the talk’ of your authentic voice. You were made for this. Look how far you‘ve already come, to be here now. Let’s start where we are, as flawed human beings, who are worth it! Truly, you’re flawsome and beautiful! We’re living history in the making, and we know everything must change. Except in this moment, be still and breathe in some fresh air - raise your arms to the sun.

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