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In the fullness of being

For my first ever blog post I’m going to dive right in, for some gold medal synchronised swimming, in the fullness of being. I’m celebrating my new website, which is still ’work in progress’, while I get my ducks lined up for this year. My heart broke wide open on Monday, and in the best way possible. It meant I had to walk my talk and lean into my feelings...

Recently, I‘d read an old quote from Oprah: “I consider it a compliment that I am full of myself.” My take on this was that once your heart is full, you are full and ready to share with others, what overflows from your authentic being. Remember the glass half full or half empty enquiry? My instant answer to that was, the whole glass is full: half full of water and half full of air. I wasn’t trying to be clever. This was simply how I viewed it, being a science geek.

I like wordplay, especially when a saying loaded with negativity gets flipped. We hear many judgements wrapped in blanket statements as we’re growing up, that we unwittingly internalise them, thinking they’re really about us. These can remain lodged at the back of our minds, primed to come to the fore whenever we’re ready to make a leap for the better in our lives. The various prejudices that have reared up on the global stage, notably during the pandemic, are symptomatic of language bound in societal norms. They‘re archaic memes.

If only we could all be full of ourselves. So full, that when others come for us, we stand our ground. So full, we believe in the power of our voice to affect change, when some would rather we kept quiet and walk away. So full, that we are both powerful and humble, while others are bloated with entitlement and indifference. To be full of yourself is to be whole. And wholeness is the goal of self-realisation. The more whole you are, the more compassionate you are. When you feel compassion for everyone, whether you agree with their views or not, your heart is so full up there’s no room for negativity to stay (though it may visit sometimes).

“The Ugly Duckling” is one of my favourite fairytales. The promise of fullness is inherent in the cute cygnet’s journey. Let’s practice self-compassion and embrace the parts of ourselves that doubt and fear, cause anxiety and insecurity. Let’s acknowledge the little victories, the things that give us joy, and swim in the fullness of being. What would that feel like to you? Celebrate one thing about yourself today! I’d love to hear what this is, in the comments.

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