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Ceramic Candle Holder



Compassionate when motivating others

energy medicine HEALING

Full Deep Cleanse (chakra balance and aura sweep) advised, prior to working together on specific healing. Reiki (Master level) and / or Shamanic (Full Mesa carrier) energy medicine for Illumination, Extraction, Soul Part Retrieval, Ancestral Ties etc., with one issue at a time. By appointment only (remotely).

guidance / counselling

As a developmental intuitive, I meet you where you are, at a crossroad or transitory period. Multiple, complex life experiences, and the gifts of insight gained, were my training. I intuitively guide you to your own solutions, by listening to your prevalent concerns. By appointment only (remotely).

Image by Karly Jones
Image by Ashley Batz

N.B. Two week waiting list.  Enquire for limited packages.



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