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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I’m a biochemistry honours graduate, who studied astrology as a subsidiary subject. I’m a full mesa carrier in the Andean shamanic tradition, since 2006, trained by “The Four Winds Society”. My induction into energy medicine began as a young child, with unseen teachers, who guide me to this day. I’ve a fascination with quantum physics and time travel, and I rather like to think of the Divine Intelligence as a kindly mathematician. I value my connections with Mother Nature and the Universe, as vital for teaching and healing. 

My wholeheartedness was a given, when I worked: as a business advisor; a harm reduction volunteer for drug addicts and, social enterprise project manager at a homelessness charity; as the entire contracts department for the second largest gas pipeline company in the country; a volunteer / fundraiser at a children’s hospital (including cancer ward); featured curator for a global online collaborative media platform, plus; other less significant roles.

As a very young child, people started coming to me with their secret stories, and I’d listen, fully present. This remains true today, so I’m finally making it official. It seems as if I’ve lived several lifetimes in just this one, making me an ideal “rebirth midwife” to those in a similar process. For half my life I’ve been immune-compromised, which has facilitated my personal development. I prefer to speak from my scars, when being of service to others i.e. from what is deeply healed in me. I walk a path with heart as ‘the wounded healer’.


“We are from the stars”

- Altomesayoq,

Andes Mountains, Peru


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