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Someone like you

Hello, I’m Paloma. I tell stories: mine, and yours. I’m someone like you, a traveller and an adventurer, on this mystery of a journey. Maybe we agreed to meet up where our paths intersect? My deep experience of life transitions may be of service to you at this time.

Self care is worth prioritising, because, you’re worth it. No one can keep running on empty. I know. I tried. I’m a recovering perfectionist. Time is the most valuable gift you can give to anyone. So I say, give it to yourself first. Here, let’s open a dialogue for your wellbeing…


What I can offer you

Notebook and Pencil


Words and images convey unspoken stories, to inspire.
Art available online only.

Candle Holders


The force is resilient, and aligning with it,

is the path to liberation. 

Remote appointments only.

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